Tips For Taking Care of Your Caravan Awning

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If you have a caravan, you probably get a good amount of use out of your awning. It helps to provide some shade when you want to park and enjoy a little time outside the caravan while also helping to reflect harsh sunlight. However, awnings don't last forever, especially if you aren't vigilant about maintaining them. Here are some tips for taking good care of your caravan awning. Keep the Awning Rolled Up When Not in Use

23 January 2017

what the different colour tennis courts mean

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If you've only ever spent time on your local tennis court, you might be wondering why the courts we see on television in professional tournaments come in a variety of colours. In fact, tennis courts around the globe come in different surface types as well as colours, altering how the game is played and bringing new aesthetic possibilities to the corporate side of the sport. There are three main types of tennis court that the vast majority of courts around the world are composed of, though the balance between the three has shifted someone in the last several decades.

29 December 2016

How to Prepare your Second Hand Fishing Vessel for its Maiden Voyage

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You've just bought a high-end fishing vessel. It looks great, the specs are top of the line, and you can't wait to get out on the water to test out its performance. However, try to rein in your excitement for a second. Now might be the time to take a quick step back. If you've bought your vessel second hand, appearances can be deceptive. There may be underlying flaws that need checking out.

27 October 2016

Tips For Live Baiting For Black Marlin Fishing

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When fishing for black marlin, live baiting can land you the biggest fish in the area.  This is especially important if you're fishing in a tournament where smaller catches won't win you the prize at the end of the day.  Here's a quick guide on how to rig live bait on your next black marlin fishing charter trip. Step 1 Before you set about catching your bait fish, it's a good idea to have everything you'll need for your marlin hunt.

18 July 2016

Three Critical Considerations for Choosing a Recreational Marine Boat

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There are numerous types of boats in the modern market in terms of model, brand, size and power. Consequently, the process of choosing the right vessel can be daunting, particularly for beginners. Therefore, if you are planning on taking up recreational marine boating, it is important to assess the different choices before purchase. This means that you should know the critical elements in the boat so that you will make beneficial comparisons.

13 May 2016

4 excellent pilates exercises for office workers

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If you spend much of your workday at a desk you might find that you are susceptible to back pain at the end of the day. Unfortunately, modern desk jobs can lead to poor posture and a weak core. Here are some pilates exercises you can try to help your core stay stable and strong.  Leg raises  While sitting in your chair, release your hands from the side of the chair and lift both legs in front of you.

28 April 2016

Some fundamental things to consider when planning to put in a tennis court

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Putting in a tennis court is a large project that needs to be carefully and thoroughly planned before you take the first step towards beginning the construction. Below are three important things to consider. Restrictions on development Before you even begin to plan any details about your tennis court, you must find out what restrictions there may be on developing property in your area. In some places, no structure may be built within a certain distance of the border of the property.

27 April 2016

Considerations When Buying a Gun for the First Time

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When it comes to purchasing a gun, it is not simply about walking into a gun shop and buying the first gun that you come across. This should be a well thought out process so as to ensure that both you and those around you are safe once you have the firearm in your possession. Thus, you should consider several things when you are contemplating walking into a gun shop. Here are some of the considerations to keep in mind when purchasing a gun for the first time.

13 November 2015