Caravan Accessories | 4 Smart Accessories To Prep Your Caravan For An Unforgettable Camping Experience


Going camping in your caravan for a few days can be an unforgettable and unique experience with your friends, family or partner. While the experience promises a lifetime of memories, you'll naturally want to prep the vehicle with the right caravan accessories to ensure that everyone has a good time. Make Sure You Have A Self-Sufficient First Aid Kit Some caravan accessories are more important than others, and having a fully equipped first aid kits tops that list.

20 May 2016

4 Reasons Kayaks Beat Canoes for Use During Winter


If you like to head out on the water no matter the time of year, you're going to have to choose a craft that can cope well during winter weather. In terms of kayak vs canoe, the former will always win out. Here are just four reasons why. 1. Lower Profile Winter weather is more likely to include sharp gusts of wind. This can make paddling difficult no matter your craft, especially when you're heading into the breeze.

28 April 2016