Tips For Taking Care of Your Caravan Awning

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If you have a caravan, you probably get a good amount of use out of your awning. It helps to provide some shade when you want to park and enjoy a little time outside the caravan while also helping to reflect harsh sunlight. However, awnings don't last forever, especially if you aren't vigilant about maintaining them. Here are some tips for taking good care of your caravan awning.

Keep the Awning Rolled Up When Not in Use

A caravan awning should not just be let down every time you park. Try to keep it rolled up and secure until you really need to use it. The direct sunlight and other climate conditions cause damage to an awning, so the less you have it down when it isn't being used, the longer it is going to last. Also be sure before rolling it up, it is completely dry. If you roll it up wet, you will end up with mould and mildew, which usually requires having to replace it. After you have rolled up the awning, keep it secure to the pole with clamps. You can also find clamps that hold it in place but keep it from flapping wildly when you are using it.

Wash the Awning on a Regular Basis

Your awning also needs to be washed on a regular basis in order to prevent buildup and mildew. Whether it is rolled up or rolled down, the wind is going to knock around a good amount of dust and debris, causing the awning to become dirty. This can build up on the awning and eventually cause damage if you don't clean it. To wash the awning properly, you need to know what material it is. With a vinyl awning, you want to use mild soap, a soft brush and cold or warm water. A soft brush is fine because they are coated to help prevent mildew.

If your awning is acrylic, it doesn't have that special coating, so a little more scrubbing needs to be done. You will need to use a stiff brush with soap and water and really work out the buildup and mildew to make sure it doesn't continue growing.

Lubricate the Awning Rail

The awning rail is also important because it helps to store your awning and keeps it secure. If you have difficulty rolling up the awning around the rail, you might try to force it and cause tears or other damage of the awning material. To avoid this, keep the awning rail lubricated. You can either buy a lubricant specifically made for the rail or just use candle wax.

If your trips seem to take a serious toll on your awning, consider investing in caravan awning spares so you'll never be without one.


23 January 2017

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