Tips For Live Baiting For Black Marlin Fishing

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When fishing for black marlin, live baiting can land you the biggest fish in the area.  This is especially important if you're fishing in a tournament where smaller catches won't win you the prize at the end of the day.  Here's a quick guide on how to rig live bait on your next black marlin fishing charter trip.

Step 1

Before you set about catching your bait fish, it's a good idea to have everything you'll need for your marlin hunt.  Rig your marlin rod and reel with the circle hook and leader so that you're ready to go as soon as the bait is rigged.

Quick tip:  It's helpful to use a split-eye rigging needle attached to the Dacron on your line, as this makes it much quicker to release the bait once it's attached.

Step 2

It's important to have a landing net ready and waiting on board so that the bait can be landed and rigged quickly.

Once the bait fish has been caught and landed, remove it from the net and turn it onto its back to disorientate and calm it, holding it in the crook of your arm and hand.

Step 3

Take the split-eye rigging needle, push it through the upper part of the bait's eye socket, and then pull the Dacron loop right through. 

Step 4

Disconnect the needle and place the barbed end of your marlin hook through the loop.  Now spin the loop and hook around a couple of times to secure it and tighten up any excess slack.  This ensures that the bait is held firmly in place once it's cast back into the water.

Step 5

Slide the barb and hook point underneath the twisted Dacron and the bait's head from front to back to form a bridle, ending with the hook facing upwards.

You'll need to cast the bait into the water as quickly as possible so it stays lively.  However, it's a good tip to move the boat away from a large shoal of bait fish before casting in case you attract sharks, rather than marlin.

In conclusion

Next time you go deep water sport angling on a black marlin fishing charter, follow the above tips for setting live bait, and look forward to hooking some real monsters of the deep!  Your fishing charter skipper and crew will be happy to offer you more helpful tips and guidance to ensure that you and your companions get the most out of your trip.


18 July 2016

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