Caravan Accessories | 4 Smart Accessories To Prep Your Caravan For An Unforgettable Camping Experience


Going camping in your caravan for a few days can be an unforgettable and unique experience with your friends, family or partner. While the experience promises a lifetime of memories, you'll naturally want to prep the vehicle with the right caravan accessories to ensure that everyone has a good time.

Make Sure You Have A Self-Sufficient First Aid Kit

Some caravan accessories are more important than others, and having a fully equipped first aid kits tops that list. The idea of being stranded in the Australian outback with a bug bite or leg injury is enough to get you worried because these small problems can turn into serious health hazards if your first aid kit is not properly equipped with medication, Band-Aids, ointments and tablets. Make sure you replenish the kit every time you use up something.

Battery Or Solar Powered Portable Icebox To Keep Drinks Cool

After driving for several hours to the middle of nowhere, the last thing you want is to open a warm beer, but the thought of starting up your caravan-connected fridge is worrisome when there are no powered campsites around you. Camper trailer accessories like battery or solar powered portable iceboxes are ideal for storing drinks and pre-cooked meals without forcing you to use precious caravan-enabled power. The best part of these portable iceboxes is that you can carry them with you on any off-road hikes and trails.

Stock A Tool Kit For Emergencies While Driving

When you travel to remote areas for your camping trip, car service mechanics can be extremely hard to find. Make sure you stock a basic tool kit with screwdrivers, insulation tape, hammers, wrenches, jacks, sockets, ratchets and other important tools to get you out of sticky situations with your camper van. Always keep a list of towing services in the areas you're travelling to, so that you can contact them if you cannot fix some problems with your caravan.

Add Stability To A Parked Caravan With Wheel Chocks

While you drive around from point to point in your camper van, you're always going to park somewhere to enjoy the beauty of nature. Sometimes your movement in and out of the camper trailer can cause it to shift, which can be slightly dangerous. Wheel chocks are perfect before they add stability to your caravan by reducing tyre movement when you get in and out of the trailer.

If you're looking for an unforgettable camping experience, prep your vehicle with these smart caravan accessories.


20 May 2016

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