Three Critical Considerations for Choosing a Recreational Marine Boat

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There are numerous types of boats in the modern market in terms of model, brand, size and power. Consequently, the process of choosing the right vessel can be daunting, particularly for beginners. Therefore, if you are planning on taking up recreational marine boating, it is important to assess the different choices before purchase. This means that you should know the critical elements in the boat so that you will make beneficial comparisons. Here is a brief description of the main factors that will influence the usability and general function of a marine boat.

Construction Material

The type of material used in fabricating the boat will determine performance, durability and resilience against adverse conditions. There are two common materials to consider for your marine boat: aluminium and fibreglass. Aluminium is a popular choice because of the potential prolonged service life. This metal is resistant to damage from salt water, so you will not need to be concerned about constant maintenance. In addition, the material is lightweight and sleek, which contributes to better handling.

On the other hand, the standard aluminium material is prone to denting and tearing. Therefore, choose a boat manufactured with plate aluminium; this is thick alloy aluminium which resists impact and mechanical stress.

Fibreglass has better aesthetics because the plastic used can be moulded in any way. Moreover, repairs will be easy because the marine vessel has fewer joints. However, the material will rot if the surfaces are not treated to reduce porosity.

Corrosion Resistance

Aluminium and fibreglass are resistant to corrosion, so the main structure of the boat is not a primary concern. Unfortunately, the marine conditions can be harsh on other components in the boat and this will lead to accelerated break down. Therefore, you should inquire about the design features used to protect the smaller boat components from the detriments of salty water. For example, you should check the fittings and connectors installed in your preferred vessel. These are usually made from steel, which is highly susceptible to rust. Ensure that marine-grade stainless steel is used to promote longevity. The electrical systems, including the wiring, connectors and fuse boards, should be protected.

Comfort and Function

Finally, you should think about the aspects that will provide comfort and contribute to better functionality during operation. These include obvious elements such as the boat dimensions and general ergonomics. For example, if you plan on fishing, ensure that there is space for filleting and bait preparation. You should also choose an engine that matches your long-term cruising requirements.

Next time you check out various brands of boats for sale, such as Bar Crusher, keep these features in mind.


13 May 2016

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