Some Tips for Choosing a Caravan for a Retirement Home

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Have you ever thought about buying a caravan and actually living out of it when you retire? If you love nature and simple living, this can be the right choice for you, and many RV parks and other such facilities cater to those who are there to stay permanently. However, note that a caravan meant for long-term living is going to be a bit different than one you stay in for a week or so while on holiday. To ensure you choose the best caravan for retiring or for any reason you're going to actually live in it, note a few simple but very important tips.

1. Size

You may not mind limited storage space when you're camping for a week, but when you live out of your caravan, you need to remember small things like the space you have in the kitchen for food prep, the storage space you have for small appliances, and whether or not you and your partner will have your own space when you need some time apart. Before you buy a caravan, it can be good to actually walk around in it and note if you have enough space for everyday living, and to make a list of all the items you'll want to keep with you for more than a short-term holiday. This might include small kitchen appliances, clothes, computer equipment, books, and the like.

2. Tank size

Some caravan parks are full hookup, meaning you can hook right into their tap and plumbing systems and get fresh water, and not need to use a black water tank for the toilets. However, if you won't be staying at such a park and will need to fill your tanks with water and empty them when they get full, you may want to invest in larger tanks than you would get otherwise. You might not mind filling up your tanks or emptying them once or twice while on holiday, but this chore can get tedious when you live out of your caravan.

3. Towing capacity

While a larger caravan might suit you better for long-term use, this also means it will be heavier and you would need a different vehicle to tow it. Before you start thinking about buying a new car or truck to tow the caravan you need, keep in mind that you can always have a service tow your caravan to your chosen park and put it in place. If you don't plan on leaving that spot after your caravan is set up, you wouldn't need a bigger vehicle with more towing capacity.  

Now that you know what to look for in a caravan, check out a dealership with some caravans for sale.


2 May 2016

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