4 excellent pilates exercises for office workers

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If you spend much of your workday at a desk you might find that you are susceptible to back pain at the end of the day. Unfortunately, modern desk jobs can lead to poor posture and a weak core. Here are some pilates exercises you can try to help your core stay stable and strong. 

Leg raises 

While sitting in your chair, release your hands from the side of the chair and lift both legs in front of you. Keep the left leg raises whilst you point the toe of the right foot on the ground, then raise back up. Repeat the exercises for 15 times on one side, then switch to the other side. Try to get to the point you can do these once per hour throughout the day. (As you get stronger you can also try drawing circles in the air with your toes.) This exercise will improve your core strength as well as the strength of the hamstrings.

Buttock tenses

While a traditional squat can be hard to do if you need to remain seated, a seated buttock tense can give a similar workout. From a seat position Tense both buttocks and attempt to lift yourself as high as possible off the seat. You can try to maintain this for 15 seconds initially for 3 times, and slowly extend the time that you remain tensed as you practise more. This exercise can help strengthen the gluteals and hip flexors which can improve balance and tone. 

Spine twists

While holding the base or armrests of the chair turn your head to one side then the other. This can help relieve the tension in the spine and improve your overall flexibility in the spine. 

Chin rolls

Many desk workers find that they have neck and shoulder pain from holding their head in an unusual position through the day to look at a computer screen. Slowly drop your chin towards your chest, as though gripping an orange and slowly roll your head to the left shoulder then across to the right shoulder. This exercise can help release tension through the neck and shoulders, and relieve stress and tightness. 

In addition to doing some exercises by yourself, it can be useful to head into a regular pilates class. The class can help you to push yourself harder and the instructor can help to correct any issues in your form whilst doing the exercises by yourself. 


28 April 2016

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